Experiences and relationships
with a strong sense of identity

Leader in strategic communication
and the conception & organization of formats,
conventions and events.

We believe in what we do and we work with conviction. We are full of curiosity; always listening, asking questions and finding new responses to our clients’ needs.

For years, we have been building and enhancing relationships between brands’ consumers and stakeholders, offering effective solutions in discovering new scenarios with EMOTION.

Keeping up with the changes in culture, travel and communication methods, we develop brand identity and solidify relationships with the community by combining economic value, goals and the emotional factor.


The Main Challenge

We carry out our consulting role through analyzing and researching strategic channels, tools and common denominators for targeted communication which leads to the desired result. Web design, blog, app, digital marketing, social media, digital strategy, brand positioning, TELEVISION.

With creativity

Conventions, road shows, training, product launches, congress delegation, large-scale events…

B2B, B2C but always Human to Human. Content, communication, logistics, production, hospitality, entertainment: what’s important is that we give it our all.

Not just words

The highest calibre of national and international speakers.
We propose Speakers for office, scientific, economic and university environments, where we bring quality content and formative visits to the beating heart of large companies, universities and leading institutions.

We love showing you off

Brand image is essential.
We fashion spaces which highlight your identity, your story and your product using set design and staging to create a high emotional impact.

Formerly Team Building

Informative and enlightening sessions vital for unifying a group.
In person or virtually, to find yourself and discover, to learn and teach, all with enthusiasm and a winning team spirit.

Taste the World

Let us lead the way, travel is in our DNA.
We attentively consider objectives and budget for the best possible result, establishing trust and precision.
From the brief to the follow-up we create original itineraries and valuable experiences all over the world, starting from our wonderful Italy.


Always amazed

The wow-factor is the key to an unforgettable memory.
We work with artists, singers, presenters and entertainers to ensure the right face for the right stage.

Hostess & Steward Interpreter & Translator

A network of highly qualified, experienced and friendly employees: from Tour Leader to Interpreter, Secretary to Hostess.
In short, the foundation for a flawless execution of every event.